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Suffolk LSCB’s priorities for 2017/18 are as follows:

The LSCB will continue our core business which is:

  1. Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of safeguarding provision across the LSCB partnership through a range of performance reports and audits.

  2. Ensure that learning from case reviews and the Child Death Overview Panel is effectively shared, monitored and embedded in practice

  3. Monitor the impact of austerity and financial constraints on partners’ safeguarding provision.

  4. Effective working across the key strategic boards, in particular the Safeguarding Adults Board, Corporate Parenting Board, Health and Wellbeing Board, Alliance Boards and Strong and Safe Communities Group.

  5. Ensure that partners are well placed to deliver their strategic safeguarding arrangements in line with the expected government guidance and changes to legislation.


Our specific priorities are:

  • Lead the delivery of the Child Exploitation Action Plan across Suffolk. This will recognise the impact of the multi-agency response to the County Lines and Gangs and Groups in Suffolk.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of a Graded Care Profile framework to enable practitioners across the tiers of support to assess the risk of neglect and audit to measure its effectiveness.

  • Ensure that the views of young people and families influence safeguarding provision across Suffolk.

  • Ensure that the effect of Domestic Abuse on children is appropriately identified and addressed through the Domestic Abuse Strategy

  • Monitor the impact of the delivery of the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


Please see below our Annual report which is approved by the Board every July.

Annual Report 2016/17

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