Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board

Annual Report

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 | Peter Worobec

I am pleased to present the Suffolk Local Safeguarding Children Board [LSCB] Annual Report covering the period April 2012 to March 2013.

This has been a challenging year for partners given their significant budgetary pressures but this report provides plenty of evidence of the commitment and determination among professionals to keep children and young people in Suffolk safe.

This was reinforced by Ofsted during their recent 2 week unannounced inspection of children services who found the overall effectiveness met minimum requirements and commented “the Council and its partners have a sound understanding of the strengths of their service and the areas for further development and these are being implemented”.

Earlier this year the revised Working Together guidance was published and as expected this gives more scope to staff to use professional judgement, re-emphasises the vital role of multi agency working in protecting children and enhances the LSCB’s role in monitoring the effectiveness of that work at local level.

Agreeing on the problems and working together on the solutions is the focus of our work and as a first step the Board are co-ordinating 2 work streams; ‘the Early Help Offer’ and ‘the Assessment Framework’. These form the basis of our recommendations to Chief Officers.

Finally, may I once again take this opportunity on behalf of the LSCB to thank all organisations and individuals in the public, voluntary and private sectors who work so hard across Suffolk to improve the safety and quality of life of our children and young people.

Read the full report here: Annual Report 2012/13

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