Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board

Baby D Serious Case Review

Thursday, 7 April 2016 | Ali Spalding

This report concerns a baby, referred to in the report as Baby D, who died at the age of 12 weeks. He had slept in the same bed as his mother who awoke to find that he had died during the night.

These matters were brought to the attention of the Suffolk Local Safeguarding Children Board (SLSCB). The Chair of that Board, Ms Sue Hadley, decided that the circumstances of the child’s death required that a Serious Case Review (SCR) should be conducted, in line with the government’s guidance. This is the Overview Report from that SCR.

An SCR must be carried out when a child dies and there are concerns that the child may have been abused or neglected. In this case those concerns related only to the issue of whether the sleeping arrangements for the child had been safe and satisfactory on the night of his death. There had been no previous concerns about the care of Baby D, and none emerge from this review.

To read the overview report and our response, please visit our Serious Case Reviews page.

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