Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board

Child Protection - Information Sharing (CP-IS) Project

Thursday, 20 April 2017 | Paul Nicholls

Soon CareFirst will connect to NHS unscheduled care settings, such as Accident and Emergency, walk-in centres and maternity units via CP-IS.

Medical staff will be alerted if a child they are treating is subject to a Child Protection or Child in Care plan (or has been within the last year) and will be given contact details for the local authority responsible for the child.

If a child who is subject to a Child Protection or Child in Care Plan attends certain NHS settings in Suffolk or elsewhere, the responsible CYPS team and worker will receive a notification via Customer First and an observation will be entered on the child’s record. The notification will include contact details of the unit attended by the child. Teams should still receive detailed information in Observations once this is submitted by the NHS setting.

For this system to work correctly, children (or their mothers if the child is not born yet) must have their NHS number recorded on CareFirst.

For more information please visit CP-IS.

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