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Empowering children, young people and vulnerable adults to use digital technology safely

Monday, 26 October 2015 | Marisa Batson

Listening to, and understanding the online experiences of children, young people and vulnerable adults has been fundamental to the success of the annual e-Safer Suffolk Cybersurvey.

In 2014, we received over 2,600 responses to the Cybersurvey. Today we need your help and commitment to reach this year’s target of 4,000. Any organisation working with groups of children (min age 10), young people or vulnerable adults can help by encouraging their service users to take part. So if you’re working with these groups – please support them to have their views heard and acted upon. Every organisation that takes part in the Cybersurvey will require an access code. To receive your code please contact:

The e-Safer Suffolk Partnership is supported by Suffolk County Council, the Local Safeguarding Children Board, Adult Safeguarding Board,  Suffolk Police and Suffolk PCC.

Closing date for responses is Monday 30 November

If have any questions regarding the content of the cybersurvey please contact: Marisa Batson, Co-Design Lead, Children and Young People's Services, Suffolk County Council. Email:

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