Missing Children

Missing boy with backpack2Missing children – what does this mean and what should you do?

The term ‘missing’ refers to children and young people up to the age of 18 who have run away from their home or care placement or whose whereabouts are unknown.

Children run away or go missing from home, school or care for a number of reasons, and most of the time they do return home safely.

There are no set rules about when a child should be considered missing and if a child does not return home when you expect them to and you are worried, in the first instance you should try and find out where they are.

You should contact relatives or friends to see if they have seen them or know where they are. You should also search your property and local area to see if you can locate them.

Following this, if their whereabouts cannot be ascertained then you must contact the police. Dial 999 in an emergency situation or call your local police force immediately on 101 to report the child as missing.

The police will be able to talk through the situation with you and offer advice and guidance about what you can do and what they may do to try and locate a child.

The police will ask you questions about the circumstances leading up to when you last saw the child and this may include asking you their name, date of birth, what they were wearing when you last saw them and any medical conditions.


Reasons for running away or going missing

Very often running away/going missing is an indicator of other problems that the child could be experiencing that may need further exploration such as:

Due to these concerns as well as the risks that children can be exposed to when they are missing, all missing children have a safe and well check conducted by the police once they are located. This helps to make sure that the child is safe and wasn’t harmed during the missing period.

The child will also be offered the opportunity to speak to someone independent and will be offered a return interview which is undertaken by trained professionals to offer advice and guidance, try to ensure the child’s safety further and suggest techniques to try and reduce any future missing episodes.


What to do if you’re concerned about a child or worried that they may go missing

There are many different agencies who are available to offer support, advice, and guidance on some of the issues surrounding missing children or children at risk of going missing.

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