Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board

Referring Concerns to Social Care

Please see The Referral and Assessment Information in Suffolk County Council's Good Practice Guide.

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. If you are worried about a child, talk to your Safeguarding Lead within your own organisation to discuss your concerns at the earliest opportunity.

If you have an IMMEDIATE safeguarding concern you should contact Customer First on: 0808 800 4005 (24 hours).

If you wish to make a referral you should complete a Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF) within 24 hours sent to Customer First via secure e-mail.


You can also seek advice about whether to make a referral or to discuss possible alternative steps from the MASH Professional Consultation Line: 0345 6061499

The MASH consultation line is for you to discuss the most appropriate and effective way of providing or obtaining help and support for a child (or adult) you feel is at risk of abuse. This will include advice and guidance about making a referral where necessary, including how to involve parents.

In Early Help cases no Multi Agency Referral Form should be sent to the MASH without prior discussion with the Practice Lead or Team manager of the relevant Early Help team.

Where a child and family have an allocated Social Worker you will need to contact the named Social Worker Directly to discuss any concerns.

Meeting the Needs of Children and Families in Suffolk: Social Care and Common Assessment Framework Thresholds Guidance. Accompanying guidance provides some additional information to support the LSCB Thresholds Guidance together with a Threshold Matrix for assessing Levels of Link.

The above Thresholds document contains a series of appendices which are stand-alone documents and listed separately as links below:

Please also see Suffolk County Council CYPS Specialist Services - Operational Process, Undertaking Strategy Discussions which complements the LSCB Guidance on Strategy discussions and S47 enquiries.

Integrated and Social Care Services Transfer of Cases ( step up step down) process and guidance

Use of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Quick Guide 8 CAF Assessment and Thresholds (Jan 2016)

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a national assessment framework which can be used to identify the unmet additional needs of children and young people. CAF enables professionals to work with families to explore all aspects of a child or young person's life with a view to enabling early intervention where appropriate. The CAF process is dependent on the child, young person and family giving informed consent for assessment information to be shared with relevant professionals. If a family refuse to work with CAF and there are no safeguarding concerns, you should continue to engage with the family and work towards building stronger relationships wherever possible. More CAF information can be found on Suffolk County Council's website or The Department for Education's website.

Clear guidelines on information sharing.

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