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Multi-Agency Training

In respect of all other training, it was agreed by Suffolk's Local Safeguarding Children Board [LSCB] that as from 1st April 2011 all aspects of training and delivery would transfer to Children and Young People's [CYP] Workforce Development and that there would be a phased handover of responsibilities and a commitment to maintain the support programme so as to meet the needs of LSCB partners. The LSCB and CYP Workforce Development will work closely to ensure a smooth transition of training and support.

As part of the LSCB's Learning and Improvement Strategy, Training will be quality assured by the Board's Professional Advisor. Reports will be monitored and reviewed by the LSCB Learning and Improvement sub-group to ensure that the quality, scope and effectiveness of single and multi agency training is meeting local need.

Please note - Endorsement for Safeguarding training is only available to Suffolk Board members. Advice only, can be offered to non-Board members.

Please follow this link to the Suffolk LSCB Endorsement and Quality Assurance Protocol.

Suffolk LSCB will continue to contribute to and work within, the framework of the local Children's Trust Training Strategy to ensure there is sufficient provision and availability of good quality single and multi agency training to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Multi-agency training is for employees of different agencies who either work together formally or come together for training or development. For further information and availability of safeguarding training please email

As of 1 April 2011 this group became part of the Work Force Development Training Group. Please contact for further information.

Further information on all training courses available through CYP Workforce Development can be accessed via the following link

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