Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

The LSCB is responsible for ensuring that a review of each death of a child normally resident in the LSCB’s area is undertaken by a CDOP. The CDOP will have a fixed core membership drawn from organisations represented on the LSCB.

The functions of the CDOP include:

In reviewing the death of each child, the CDOP should consider modifiable factors, for example, in the family environment, parenting capacity or service provision, and consider what action could be taken locally and what action could be taken at a regional or national level.


Child Death Review Process Flowchart

Sudden or Unexpected Death in Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence (SUDIC) Protocol (0-18 years)


CDOP Forms

Form A - Initial notification of child's death

Form B - Form to collate detailed information from partners

Form B - Supplementary Forms

B2 – Neonatal Death
B3 – Death of a child with a known life – limiting condition
B4 – Sudden unexpected death in infancy
B5 – Road Traffic Accident
B6 – Drowning
B7 – Fire/Burns
B8 – Poisoning
B9 – Other non- intentional injury
B10 – Substance Misuse
B11 – Apparent Homicide
B12 – Apparent Suicide 
B13 – Summary of Autopsy Findings


CDOP Local Newsletter

The Suffolk CDOP now publishes a newsletter, sharing key messages with the local community about child health, safety and wellbeing.

CDOP Local Newsletter Summer Edition July 2017

CDOP Local Newsletter Spring Edition April 2017

CDOP Local Newsletter Winter Edition December 2016

CDOP Local Newsletter Autumn Edition September 2016


CDOP Bereavement Support Directory

The Suffolk CDOP has developed this booklet for parents, carers and families who have been affected by the loss of a baby or child. This booklet is a ‘directory’ of services that can offer information, advice or support. Although it is not a definitive list, it may be a useful place to start. These services are available at any stage of a bereavement; whether recent or past. Many of these organisations have local offices or groups in Suffolk. Often, they are staffed by volunteers who have a personal experience of bereavement.

CDOP Bereavement Support Directory

The booklet also explains how the Child Death Overview Panel works and what its role is in safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of children in Suffolk.



You can contact the Child Death Overview Panel on

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