Performance Report

LSCB Annual Full Year Performance Report 2018

The LSCB undertakes to look at safeguarding across all it’s partners through a yearly detailed performance report which focuses on what’s working well, what are the worries and what agencies are going to do about their worries in relation to performance criteria focusing on the safeguarding of children and young people.

The report gives a very detailed indicator of the state and quality of safeguarding provision in Suffolk. This is presented to the Board’s Learning and Improvement Group and the July Board meeting.

Please see the summary report below detailing the key themes from this year’s report. The LSCB work with agencies on these key themes throughout the coming year.


A Summary of Agencies' Annual Reports

As well as providing information on safeguarding across all agencies, the Board asks for a detailed update on some key areas of safeguarding. These areas are:

  • LADO activity

  • Missing Children

  • Private Fostering

  • Child Death Overview Panel

  • Schools Choice DSL safeguarding training

  • Schools Choice Governor safeguarding training

  • Workforce Development

  • The Resolution Team - which supports schools and undertakes audits of safeguarding provision in schools.


Please see the summary report below detailing what’s gone well and worries for each of these areas of practice.


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