Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership


Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements

Background & Legislation to the new Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements from 29th September 2019

Children and Young People

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 set in legislation that the three safeguarding partners (Local Authority, Chief Officer of Police, and Clinical Commissioning Groups) must work together with relevant agencies to safeguard and protect the welfare of children in Suffolk. All three partners have equal and joint responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements.

This will replace the pre-existing legislation to for Local Authorities to have Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs).


Adults at Risk

There are no changes to the statutory requirement for Local Authorities to have a Safeguarding Adult Board and all the current guidance about the accountabilities of the SAB in the Care Act guidance remain. There are opportunities for joint working across Children and Adult Services and to ‘Think Family’, these will be explored where the opportunity arises in Suffolk.


These new arrangements were published by 29 June and will take effect from 29 September 2019.



Consultation on Subgroup Arrangements

On 15 July we published a consultation on the Board’s subgroup arrangements (see document above).
Please see below the responses to the consultation:

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