Young People's Consultation

Young People's Consultation

In October 2017 a questionnaire was sent to students at West Suffolk College and 414 students completed it. An event was then held at the college on 12th October to gain more views from the students. The consultation was a partnership between the LSCB and the Student Welfare Team at the College.

The purpose of the consultation was as follows:

  • To gain a greater understanding of what students are worried about.

  • Who they go to for support with these worries.

  • How they rate the support they receive.

  • If students are aware of the LSCB and what they do.

  • How the LSCB can better engage with students in future.


The responses from the students were collated into a report.

A follow up event is scheduled for early January to present some of the findings from the questionnaire.

This consultation will help the LSCB with two of our key priorities namely, greater engagement with young people and the impact of the Suffolk Emotional Health and Wellbeing strategy.

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