Achieving Best Evidence

Published on 23 December 2019 by Sarah Dunne

Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) Newsflash - Social Care Services and Police

Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk County Council have agreed that as of 01/01/2020, Social Care Services (CYP & ACS) Social Workers will take the lead interviewer role as default when:

Unless agreed with Social Care Services as not operationally possible.

We must stress the need for pre-interview needs assessment as part of the Planning and preparation, and that 2nd interviewers are not simply ‘scribes’. We would continue to emphasise that where possible both interviewers need to be ABE trained to support a qualitative and supportive approach to interviewing under the Achieving Best Evidence, judicial guidance 2011. This process will support the time efficiency for the Police and Social Care Services, and the fact that Social Workers will already have rapport in the above conditions which will support the victim's/witness’ trust and relationship with the lead interviewer.


There will need to be clear recorded rational if Social workers are not the lead interviewer on these cases. 


If you feel out of touch, please sign up for the refresher sessions on Suffolk CPD Online , 'ABE refresher workshop'.



Achieving Best Evidence is an intrinsic part of Police investigative work and part of the S47 Child Protection investigations. Our Synergy and commitment is crucial to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for Children, Young People and Adults in Suffolk.


For more information or any other questions please contact Inge Nijkamp -




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